Drop by top-up your engine oil, we'll be happy to assist.

Engine Oils

To check and top up your oil, follow these four easy steps.

Park on a level surface and ensure the engine is cold.
2. Remove the dipstick and wipe clean, re-insert and remove again and read the level, if oil is required move to step 3.
3. Remove the oil filler cap, and add a small amount of Syntek motor oil. Your handbook should indicate the volume between Min and Max on the dipstick.
4. Repeat step two after waiting a few seconds, if more oil is required repeat step 3. It is important to ensure that you don’t over-fill your engine with oil, add a small amount at a time and check the dipstick again until you are satisfied that the level is at the maximum marker on your dipstick.

Before topping up your oil, always check your vehicle service manual as this will provide all the necessary information on the correct oil to use.

Why servicing your car is so important

Motor oils and other automotive fluids, regular checks and component adjustments really matter to your car. Whether you do the work yourself or entrust your car to a garage, regular servicing is vital if you want it to be reliable, maintain its value and give optimum performance. From a lowly Ford Fiesta to an expensive supercar, the manufacturers’ recommended service interval and specific automotive fluids and consumables are there for a good reason – your driving pleasure and peace of mind…

Maintain reliability and safety

Over time, changes will take place to even the most modern vehicle: components will gradually wear and go out of adjustment and fluids will become contaminated and perform less than optimally. Make no mistake, modern cars are exceptionally reliable compared to their forerunners from a few decades ago. However, regular servicing is still vital to avoid the cost and inconvenience of a non-starter, a late-night motorway breakdown or the danger caused by leaking brake and clutch fluids.

Minimise lifetime operating costs

Even small cars are expensive enough to own without adding unnecessary extra costs by neglecting servicing. Regular attention helps reduce wear and tear on components and consumables – and enables identification of impending problems before they become critical. In turn, this means you won’t spend so much on the car during your ownership. Regular checks on wheel alignment help you get the most wear from your tyres. And regular oil changes, using high quality motor oils meeting the manufacturer’s specification, help reduce engine wear and the possibility of costly damage. Regular maintenance also helps maintains the value of your vehicle ready for when you sell it.

Ensure top performance

Whether you drive a Mini or a Ferrari, automotive engineers invested lots of time and effort into designing your car’s performance. For optimum performance, handling and economy they assumed that components would remain adjusted in a certain way, and that oils, brake and clutch fluids met certain specifications. If you change these, or allow fluids to deteriorate, don’t be surprised if performance suffers.

From motor oils to suspension fluids – servicing matters!

Car servicing ranges from simple weekly checks of engine oils, coolant and other automotive fluids, tyres and lights, through to the manufacturer’s recommended service activities.

The case for regular car servicing is clear. If you want your car to be as reliable as possible, give you the best possible performance and maintain its value, regular maintenance is essential. From changing gear oils to adjusting brakes, whether you do it yourself, go to a small local garage or rely on a main dealership, your car will reward you for servicing it properly.

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